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Designed by a veterinarian for one of his renal failure patients, the GIF-Tube is surgically implanted under the skin for painless fluid therapy at home.

A medical-grade silicone implant placed under the skin with a brief surgical procedure enabling pet owners to deliver subcutaneous fluids at home. The tube is fenestrated to allow for rapid delivery (approximately 100cc per minute) without causing pain or fluid pockets. Ideal for animals with renal failure or any condition requiring long-term fluid therapy.


The tube can remain in place indefinitely.

Item #3010 4-Implant Kit-Everything needed for 4 surgical implants

Item #3110 Single Use Kit-1 surgical implant and 1 Client Administration Kit

Item #SFM6800 Client Administration Kit


GIF Tube

GIF-Tube Subcutaneous Implant

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Client Admin Kit

Client Home Administration Kit

This kit provides everything (except the fluids) the client will need for 30 fluid deliveries in the home. It contains 30 IV lines, 3 replacement microclaves, a forceps, and drape.

Tube & Stylet