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A fast, professional looking repair for aural hematomas.

No bandaging or suturing.

Hold ear to top of head using our optional attachment button.

An extremely effective system for repairing hematomas without suturing or bandaging. Utilizing pre-shaped silicone ear pads and locking clips and rings, this procedure can be done in less than 10 minutes.


Simply incise the hematoma, secure a pad to each side of the ear with towel clamps, use the needle to pass the clip through the ear and the pads and lock in place with 2 rings. Use the optional attachment button to secure the ear to the top of the head. Individually packaged, sterile and ready to use.


The pads and button are autoclavable and reusable. Order item #PHK5000 containing refill clips, rings and needle for additional procedures.

Item #PHK4000 Hematoma Repair System-Starter Kit

Item #PHK5000 Refill Kit-Clips, Rings, Needle for 4 additional procedures

Item #PHK6000 Optional Attachment Button

Hematoma Dalmation

Sutureless Hematoma Repair System

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